64 Audio U18t

64 Audio U18t Review

The U18 are an incredibly powerful monitoring tool that effortlessly shake out an insane amount of details. They’re tuned to not have their own character and are thus not too exciting for the most part. 64 Audio mainly lets the music talk for itself. Nevertheless, playing through the U18, attention is often drawn to the treble as it impresses with its particularly high resolution.

Do note that if you really want to unleash the almost infinite potential of these earphones, you also have to make sure that your audio chain is up for the task and, above all, that the audio material used is suitable for hi-fi use. If the conditions are met, the U18t blasts the music completely apart in its every atom, allows deepest immersion and often even insights into the production. 64 Audio has created an absolute technical miracle that won’t leave us aghast.

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