Stepping Up My Game

What is this blog even supposed to be? In my introductory post I said: “My intention is not to create another review blog.” But it has become exactly that.

So I said to myself, “if you are going to do reviews anyway, then at least do it right and with more effort“. So I asked my friends at Headflux if they were up for revival. Turns out, they were not and now made a final post announcing their quits. But I already had my mind set on getting into reviews again.

Since I do not find using my private name very suitable, I have started a new platform. Please welcome and visit my new review blog: 83dB Reviews. Here is why it made sense for me to start fresh:

  • a more content-driven theme that has less limitations
  • bilingual setup in which I will share all reviews in German and English
  • a more consistent review structure
  • a measurement database starting with over 100+ IEM
  • more efforts in photography
  • behind-the-scene support from some friends who also want to use the 83dB brand name

I admit, right now there is not much content yet. I might carry old reviews over in an abbreviated form or short summary. Maybe there will also be other authors joining me soon. 😉

I currently have consistently over 18k visitors every month. You are very welcome to move over to 83dB Reviews!

Here’s a sneak peak of what you can expect:

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