Stepping Up My Game

What is this blog even supposed to be? In my introductory post I said: “My intention is not to create another review blog.” But it has become exactly that.

So I said to myself, “if you are going to do reviews anyway, then at least do it right and with more effort“. So I asked my friends at Headflux if they were up for revival. Turns out, they were not and now made a final post announcing their quits. But I already had my mind set on getting into reviews again.

Since I do not find using my private name very suitable, I have started a new platform. Please welcome and visit my new review blog: 83dB Reviews. Here is why it made sense for me to start fresh:

  • a more content-driven theme that has less limitations
  • bilingual setup in which I will share all reviews in German and English
  • a more consistent review structure
  • a measurement database starting with over 100+ IEM
  • more efforts in photography
  • behind-the-scene support from some friends who also want to use the 83dB brand name

I admit, right now there is not much content yet. I might carry old reviews over in an abbreviated form or short summary. Maybe there will also be other authors joining me soon. 😉

I currently have consistently over 18k visitors every month. You are very welcome to move over to 83dB Reviews!

Here’s a sneak peak of what you can expect:

One thought on “Stepping Up My Game

  1. I am happy, that you are back in the game, as you are one of the few hifi reviewers who really knows what he is talking about! And i know your preferred sounding pretty well from your beginnings with the JVC Woodies and the like. It is not quite my preferred signature, but I can read from your comments, what it will sound like and if it might be to my taste. Do not stop loving what your doing and success will gain even further.

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