Chi-Fi Listening Session

Chi-Fi Listening Session

My friend of CHi-FIEAR came to visit yesterday and we had some fun trying out different IEMs in a listening session. BTW, you can find his review website here:

Visit the CHi-FIEAR In-Ears Hi-Fi Test website.

I took some notes to all the IEMs I tried, but there’s none that particularly stood out to me. IMHO, all of them have way too much bass. Not qualitative good bass even, but just quantitively exaggerated amounts with bloat and boom. The distortion on some of these is very high.

It’s interesting to see how these companies try to push driver count and devalue higher priced audio gear. I am sure there are some gems to be found, but it’s not an easy search. Among yesterday’s session, I couldn’t find anything that would push MoonDrop and Co. out of the spotlight.

Frequency Response Measurements

I have a page dedicated to all measurements. Go check it out.

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