DUNU Luna Chord Hugo 2

The Luna are without a doubt an excellent high-end product. DUNU have created a flagship for showcasing a new driver technology. The beryllium driver has amazing speed, punch, and texture. Reference level separation and resolution have rarely felt this effortless. I can highly recommend the Luna for Vocal, Rock, and Jazz. From my experience, the Luna perform better than equally priced contenders in this regard. The full potential doesn’t really show with modern music, though, so that’s when the focus on the midrange can feel like the bass is lacking. Playing acoustic strings successfully remedies this thought.

The DUNU Luna are also extremely well built and surprised me by being some of the most comfortable IEM in the high-end realm. Not to mention, that they come equipped with the single best cable I have yet experienced. Anyone on the lookout for a top performer that oozes musicality with natural-sounding recordings definitely has to closely consider this new flagship reference earphone.

Full review is here: Flavor of the Month: DUNU Luna


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