final A8000

piano keys

The actual review process is never finished. I plan to gain more experience with further comparisons and subsequent source pairing. But for now, the final A8000 are clearly some of the technically most amazing IEMs I had yet the fortune of testing. The experience with the A8000 is nothing but sensational, which is also due to the dynamic tuning. Many will appreciate the energetic presentation that can put itself before the music sometimes, although high quality recordings are rewarded with immersive details. The treble is the star of the show, so best avoid audio with clipping, strong compression, noise or recording errors to forego annoyances.

The A8000 look gorgeous, too. I’ll admit that there are more ergonomic earphones available, but the polished steel and heavy weight make these feel luxurious and force the user to take great care of them. The design sets the mood for the special listening sessions and the mirrored finish nicely matches the sound signature too.

Ultimately, the final A8000 are a pair of unique high-end reference IEM that arguably have the best sonic performance in its price range.

Full review: Flavor of the Month: final A8000

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