The international website Headfonics features in-depth reviews of headphone-related content. The site has grown to become one of the biggest and most trusted sources for portable audio. Our team focusses less on bringing readers the latest news but instead focusses on high quality products that we deem worthy for consumers. You can view my published articles and photographs by clicking on the corresponding image of the gallery below.

InEar StageDiver SD-2
InEar has created one of the most comfortable universal earphone designs yet and the SD2 also proves to be a well-tuned and fairly linear IEM.
Final Sonorous III
A closed headphone that sounds spacious as almost any open design that also impressed with true high-fidelity tuning and great build quality.
Final E2000
A new budget king with great tonal accuracy.
Noontec Zoro II HD
A budget headphone with surprisingly mature tuning but a very déjà-vu design.
Benchmark DAC3
A consumer-oriented hifi-DAC with great linearity and transparency.
NF Audio NF6i
The NF6i are a lively sounding pair of monitors with great detail and incredible treble. The W-signature comes together nicely and is well evened out with sub-bass, vocals and high frequencies.
Jomo6 V2
A complete redesign by Jomo Audio and a very enjoyable tuning on the 2nd generation with tight sub-bass and smooth treble.
Final E3000
A warm and smooth sounding dynamic IEM from Japan.
iFi Audio iEMatch
The iEMatch is a great little accessory to boost the compatibility and sound quality of your sensitive earphones with more consumer-oriented products.
Lake People Reference Series
The DAC and amp numbered as 06 and 08 make a great combo for purists that search a desktop audio chain for detailed and transparent output with an amazing dynamic amp that also powers balanced headphones.
KEF M400
The KEF M400 are a good consumer product with nice design and a warm sound signature.
Absolutely awesome ADC, DAC and balanced/dual-headamp with the longest feature list I have ever seen. DSP perfection: bass, treble, loudness, parametric (dual-) EQ, DA filters, crossfeed, etc.
InEar ProPhile 8
As good as a studio reference can possibly sound. InEar nailed the tuning and resolution is reference on this 8-driver masterpiece.
Etymotic ER4 XR
One of my favorite single-driver IEMs. The ER4 XR has good bass extension and wonderfully tuned mids and treble.
Noontec Zoro II Wireless Volcanic Rock
This limited edition is based on the Zoro II HD but adds Bluetooth 4.0/ aptX for convenience and improves the build quality two notches through rugged ABS and aluminum materials.
Beyerdynamic DT 1990 PRO
A good studio monitoring headphone with a quick Tesla-driver and exchangeable ear pads for sound tuning.
1More Triple-Driver E1001
Budget-tier in-ear headset with amazing build quality and great accessories. The dynamic driver allows deep, powerful bass and great treble extension, while two BA receivers render detailed mids.
Chord Hugo
Everywhere you go... Questionable name but indisputably a reference for portable sources. Incredible DAC and powerful amp packed into one pricey device.
Musical Fidelity MF-200
A beautifully designed headphone with punchy bass and energetic treble. This was my first review published on Headfonics.