Hi! I’m Klaus 👋🏻 We just met. Thank you for your time.

I’m a German Head-Fi’er since 2009, business insider, semi-professional photographer and reviewer with far over 100 published articles.


After joining Head-Fi in 2009, portable audio became my biggest hobby. I started hosting private events to share my passion. In 2013, I organized the community area for the very first headphone show in Germany, CanJam Europe. In subsequent years I stepped in as official press photographer and provided the content for ads and print.


Like any amateur reviewer, I started sharing impressions and joining online discussions. Structuring my thoughts and defining qualitative parameters made me a welcomed community member. I have been invited to join and write for several major headphone sites. While I had a review published nearly every month on Headfonics from 2015-2018, I remember my time with Headflux even more dearly as our content was „quality over quantity,” directly influencing many manufacturers. We also introduced the sloped ISO 11904-2 DF target curve as an alternative to Harman and (to our knowledge) maintained the first “711 coupler” measurement database in Europe.

Nowadays my time is far more constrained, but I will share anything I find useful on my private website and direct there from various forums.


I wanted to underline my written content with visuals, so I started practicing photography in 2013. My skills improved quickly. I sold over 50 photos on various markets including Getty Images and was fortunate enough to have my university host an exhibition to present my travel photography.

I provide Chord Electronics with the majority of their photos on website and socials for their portable products. As such, my photos are published multiple times on websites as large as Forbes.com or on any relevant hifi press. I’m proud to have my photos hanging in large at prominent shows like Munich High-End.

Professional Career

I enjoy working with numbers and improving processes. In a team, I make sure that logic guides the objectives and that the communication is clear and easy to understand. As a lead, I want to see every colleague use most of their potential. Thanks to my personal interest in Asian culture, I studied Chinese (up to proficiency test HSK5 in 2016).

So far I have been very successful in all the roles I’ve been accountable for. I’m always open to trying something new and taking on new challenges. I don’t want to be limited to past achievements.

C.V. (abr.)

2020 I joined HEDD Audio (a German pro-audio manufacturer of premium studio monitors and headphones) as Sales Manager Asia. Meanwhile, I am the only Sales Manager at HEDD. I also assist purchasing and steer production, along with creating content and consulting the directors.

The role succeeds my profession as E-Commerce Manager for KS Distribution (a German and UK audio distributor), managing the retail Headtek store and growing it from zero to over 150 Google ratings (4.9) in just 2 years with unique content and a carefully selected portfolio. The store closed with my departure in 2020. Until then I also led the 64 Audio project as Product Specialist.

Many past business partners remember me as Sales and Marketing Manager at Rhines Customs (high-end CIEM by Felix Reinsch), expanding the company especially in Asia when the Head-Fi community barely started the exponential growth. I accompanied the development of 3 products and created all content for the brand. It’s a shame that the great potential was cut short due to health issues of the owner.

Outside of audio, I proved myself as Supply Chain Manager at Huawei Technologies accompanying the Vodafone LTE rollout, one of Europe’s largest telecommunications projects, managing purchase items and timely arrival of installation materials at subcontractors for over 600 sites per week during peak season. I was the single point of contact and Interim Team Lead.

Stay in Touch or Contact Me!

I hope we can stay in touch! Either work on a project or just discuss audio.