Known as Bell Tower, this building marks the center point of the city Xi'an
The Wildgoose Pagoda at night
Terracotta Warrior
Xi'an is famous for Emperor Qin's grave, protected by the infamous Terracotta Army
Sunrise Over the Mountains Around Xi'an
Xi'an is surrounded by mountains. Climbing them is a popular sport
A muslim is kneading tang, a popular sweet sold at the Muslim quarter
Staring at the Sun
Large places around Xi'an look the same. This is facing West
Small Temple
A small temple at the top of a mountain
Handcrafted Paper
A laborer is working hard to make paper as invented by Cao Lun in 2.000 B.C.
Shaanxi Opera
A girl fully dressed in traditional makeup and garment of a Shaanxi opera
People in Xi'an get old, but they never lose vitality
A muslim proudly presents his crusty pancake known as nang
Coffee Moth
Xi'an has but few insects in the city. This one is particularly active, though
An actor is being prepared for the stage and has traditional paint applied
Monks praying at the Wildgoose Pagoda
Hua Shan
Known as one of the most dangerous mountains to climb, Mount Hua peaks at over 2.150 meters height
The drum tower near the Bell Tower marks the start of the Muslim food street
A man is practicing the flute while hiding from the sun under a bridge
Guan Zhong
This used to be the entrance of a private house. Now it is open to everyone as a museum
Aa a modern tourist attraction in Xi'an, West Tang City covers themed stores and restaurants all around the Silk Road
Carefully applying face paint
Calligraphy is especially popular along the inner South part of the city wall
Coffee shops are expensive, but sometimes the only quiet place nearby
This girl wears a full-bodied dress with rabbit ears... and leopard pattern. As long as it keeps warm
In Buddhism you may not "look down" on your god so photos are often prohibited. This angle hopefully expresses enough respect
West Side
An aerial shot from Xi'an in the Yanta district
Preparations are made for the evening's opera show
Apartment View
The view from my apartment