Smartphones are the new books
No matter how cold, as long as it doesn't rain, people will meet outside and practice calligraphy
Cherry Blossoms
When spring comes, cherries will blossom. No matter how much smog there is
City Walls
The sun is setting down over the ancient walls of Xi'an
Writings on a scroll about the importance of understanding (wù)
Crickets are held in tea houses as pets for the relaxing sounds they make
Decoration Lights
Chinese like to decorate landmarks all year long, not only for Christmas
Old doors leading to a private art school
People like to practice dancing, singing and playing instruments publicly in the park
Xi'an's modern district, Gaoxin, is home to many tall and new buildings
A photo I took from my rooftop
Jinli are held in shallow pools as pets. They are supposed to recognize their master
Ming Tea Set
A traditional tea set fully maintained from the Ming Dynasty. For VIP customers only
New shoes
Stella is walking on top of the city walls
If people are not busy and not hungry, they most likely will meet in the park and chat
Pet Birds
After being caged, their masters will take the birds to the park so they don't feel lonely. Ironic, isn't it?
Xi'an can get as hot as 40 °C. A short break in the shadow might be a good idea
Rhythm of Spring
A small tree decorates a tea house
Summer Palace
Every major Chinese city has at least one summer palace. This is the one in Xi'an
Dusk hides all stress on a beautiful day in Xi'an
Stella eating spicy tofu in one of many crowded food streets
Water Calligraphy
This old man comes to the park everyday, using a big brush with water to memorize ancient writings