For lack of creativity I couldn't think of a better title. This picture is exactly how I remember Tianjin
Jintang Qiao
Tianjin is famous for its many bridges, all of which have a unique story and style. This one was first built in 1906 by the British
Tianjin Eye
Inspired by the London eye, Tianjin has its own Ferris wheel
St. Regis
Unique design for a great hotel
Light Bars
Jintang Bridge has been renovated many times. Currently it features modern glass light tubes
A City of Contrasts
This old footbridge is just one of many remains that clash with modern architecture surrounding it
Air Quality
Situated right next to Beijing, Tianjin is known for some of the worst air pollution in China
New Buildings Coming
Tianjin is rich in various architecture styles. Construction sites are plenty, it is impossible to imagine what the city will look like in 10 years
A dove flying for freedom and a better life in Tianjin
Just because the river freezes over that doesn't mean you can't catch fish
This man caught a fish after punching a hole into the frozen river and throwing a net into it
Tian Zhu
This catholic church holds its own between two shopping halls. Just one of the many Western influences in Tianjin
Western culture is often misunderstood with luxury and bad taste
Quite the fancy entrance hall for some of the wealthier citizens
Diao Qian
Red papers are hung up on the Windows for Chinese New Year - a Tianjin tradition. Few days later they are thrown to the ground, resembling money falling from the sky
During Chinese New Year it is absolutely important to eat dumplings. Hard to believe, but after a lot of practice these jiaozi were folded by me
This part of the river Haihe is fully frozen over Chinese New Year
Three rivers come together
Red and Blue
During nighttime Tianjin lights up in all kinds of colors