Victoria's Peak
Victoria Peak is famous for providing a great panoramic view over Hong Kong. Who were I to led this opportunity slide for a high-res panorama
Glowing Rose
Nicely designed lights at Victoria's Peak
Victoria Harbour
Hong Kong's equivalent to Shanghai's Bund
The most iconic building of Hong Kong, Two International Finance Centre
A ship sailing through the harbour
Hong Kong combines modern skyscrapers with traditional East Asian culture
Motion Blur
A bus passing by on a rainy day
Looking Up
While the streets are always busy, sometimes it's worth it to look up
Double Decker
The British influence on Hong Kong cannot be ignored
Hotel View
My view from the hotel
Kung Hei Fat Choy
The Bank of China wishes everyone good fortune for the year of the monkey
Water Drops
It's not always sunny close to the beach. I experienced five days of rain, but the city would not lose any of its charm
An average street in Hong Kong Central
A typical alley in Hong Kong
Fish Market
A friendly personality is important to successfully sell fish
Apartment prices in Hong Kong are very high. Not everybody can afford to live in a fancy loft
Yellow Temple
A yellow temple attracts attention among trees in a park
This well-hidden temple is especially crowded by buddhists during Chinese New Year
Due to the great climate, Hong Kong is rich in fauna
Lion Head
A Cantonese tradition is dance-fighting dressed as lions
During Chinese New Year the streets are decorated with plenty of lanterns
Be Water
As cheesy as it sounds, Bruce Lee is one of my biggest idols