MoonDrop Kanas Pro

In short, I like the MoonDrop Kanas Pro Edition a lot! For my preferences, the Kanas beats all known IEM with dynamic driver. The price is an understatement.
One can get used to the slight (sub-) bass boost very quickly, and the relaxed dip in the upper midrange and lower treble is fortunately tuned for many songs. For monitoring I would still prefer one of the many alternatives with balanced armature drivers, but as a daily companion for pure music consumption across all genres, it even exceeds my fairly high demands. For tracks with vocals and sub- bass the KPE is now my first choice. When faced with the challenges of complex Jazz, however, I fall back to other IEM.
In regards to product design I am a big fan of the Bauhaus style: “form follows function.” That’s why I’m less convinced by the metal bling bling design. I would prefer a (more ergonomic) housing à la StageDiver and also the cable doesn’t fully suit my taste either. But these are at most nagging things in an otherwise functioning relationship. Overall, I’ve got a lot of praise!