Musical Fidelity MF-200

For one, I just really like how these look. It’s a humble and unique design with exquisite details and phenomenal finish. Headphones shouldn’t be about fashion, but it really doesn’t hurt if they look and feel great. Secondly, I appreciate that Musical Fidelity decided not to throw another warm and smooth headphone on the market. It’s hard to keep up already and fresh and energetic sound signatures have become rare. In my opinion, the MF200 excel with Classical and Jazz music in a silent environment. Resolution and separation absolutely justify the price tag. Though I do think the MF200’s lower treble can be a bit edgy and the bass lacks rumble with Pop and Rock.

There are too many smartphones to generalize, but the iPhone 6 proved to be a good source and match already. I am sure there will be many options for Android too; especially if you want to make use of the headset.