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Lake People Reference Series
The DAC and amp numbered as 06 and 08 make a great combo for purists that search a desktop audio chain for detailed and transparent output with an amazing dynamic amp that also powers balanced headphones.
InEar StageDiver SD-2
InEar has created one of the most comfortable universal earphone designs yet and the SD2 also proves to be a well-tuned and fairly linear IEM.
Etymotic ER4 XR
One of my favorite single-driver IEMs. The ER4 XR has good bass extension and wonderfully tuned mids and treble.
iFi Audio iEMatch
The iEMatch is a great little accessory to boost the compatibility and sound quality of your sensitive earphones with more consumer-oriented products.
1More Triple-Driver E1001
Budget-tier in-ear headset with amazing build quality and great accessories. The dynamic driver allows deep, powerful bass and great treble extension, while two BA receivers render detailed mids.
Benchmark DAC3
A consumer-oriented hifi-DAC with great linearity and transparency.
InEar ProPhile 8
As good as a studio reference can possibly sound. InEar nailed the tuning and resolution is reference on this 8-driver masterpiece.
Chord Hugo
Everywhere you go... Questionable name but indisputably a reference for portable sources. Incredible DAC and powerful amp packed into one pricey device.
Jomo6 V2
A complete redesign by Jomo Audio and a very enjoyable tuning on the 2nd generation with tight sub-bass and smooth treble.
Beyerdynamic DT 1990 PRO
A good studio monitoring headphone with a quick Tesla-driver and exchangeable ear pads for sound tuning.
Absolutely awesome ADC, DAC and balanced/dual-headamp with the longest feature list I have ever seen. DSP perfection: bass, treble, loudness, parametric (dual-) EQ, DA filters, crossfeed, etc.
Noontec Zoro II HD
A budget headphone with surprisingly mature tuning but a very déjà-vu design.
Musical Fidelity MF-200
A beautifully designed headphone with punchy bass and energetic treble. This was my first review published on Headfonics.
KEF M400
The KEF M400 are a good consumer product with nice design and a warm sound signature.
Final Sonorous III
A closed headphone that sounds spacious as almost any open design that also impressed with true high-fidelity tuning and great build quality.
Noontec Zoro II Wireless Volcanic Rock
This limited edition is based on the Zoro II HD but adds Bluetooth 4.0/ aptX for convenience and improves the build quality two notches through rugged ABS and aluminum materials.
NF Audio NF6i
The NF6i are a lively sounding pair of monitors with great detail and incredible treble. The W-signature comes together nicely and is well evened out with sub-bass, vocals and high frequencies.