The Hugo 2 can receive data via Bluetooth. It uses aptX with 352 kbps for 16bit-48kHz. I used focus bracketing for this shot and manually stitched 10 pictures at f/1.8…Read More

Official Leather Case

This is a shot of the official Van Nys leather case accessory. The case is of exceptional quality. It features a perfect fit with velvet padding padding on the inside.…Read More

Gold Tea Set

This is one of the very first photos I shot of a customer’s CIEM. I am not a big fan of gold, but I thought it matched my original Japanese…Read More

Drum Tower

Drum Towers became an important trademark of urban cities after the Mongol Empire in the late 13th century. They signaled the time and with it the opening and closing of…Read More


My scholarship colleague from Peru dressed up in traditional Shaanxi clothing. Applying the make-up was quite time-consuming but the result is amazing. She wore the dress not much differently than…Read More