Drum Tower

Drum Towers became an important trademark of urban cities after the Mongol Empire in the late 13th century. They signaled the time and with it the opening and closing of […]


My scholarship colleague from Peru dressed up in traditional Shaanxi clothing. Applying the make-up was quite time-consuming but the result is amazing. She wore the dress not much differently than […]

Glowing Sky

This is another shot from Xi’an. I enhanced the colors of the sky. Actually Xi’an is a very desaturated city. Not only air pollution is a problem, but also dust […]


This very Western-styled Café can be found in Xi’an. Coffee is very popular in China. It represents the Western lifestyle, even though more and more popularity comes from South Korea. […]

East Tirol

During an amazingly refreshing trip to east Tyrol, I captured this impression from our hut. The previous day we climbed down from our part of the mountains, crossed the valley, […]


This pagoda in Xi’an is very important to the history of Buddhism. Around 650 A.D. monks started translating and preserving original Buddhist scrolls that else would have been burnt and […]


I took this shot very early in the morning. The sun has just risen but is hiding behind the buildings. Düsseldorf is one of my favorite cities ever. Moving here […]


Rotterdam is a beautiful and modern city that boasts creative architecture. This image is a high-resolution composition of several images over 8 minutes shutter speed. During the last shot a […]

RCM Brochure

This is a brochure I did for Rhines Custom Monitors in 2015. If not explicitly stated otherwise, all photographs were shot by me. I did not know much about layouting […]